Leeds Utd Fixtures Mug 2013/14 Can also be personalised


Leeds United Fixture List Mug for 2013 - 2014 This listing is for a Leeds United fixtures mug for 2013/2014. The mug shown in the image above shows 3 views of the same mug. This listing is for 1 mug. The home fixtures are listed in blue and the away fixtures in black. Fixtures last updated on 4th August 2013 These mugs make excellent gifts and can be personalised with any name. For example, instead of 'Championship Fixture List' I can put a name or short message. If you just want a name then tell me that name. If you'd like it to read something like 'Dave's Mug' then tell me. Or if you'd like something else just let me know. I'll print exactly what you tell me to print. To Personalise If you would like me to personalise the mug with a name or message then please let me know the name or message you'd like by sending me an message straight after you order - If you don't state a name or a message then I'll simply print the mug as seen in the picture above. Other Leeds Utd items available in my shop I try to ensure that all fixture details are correct. However, due to cup runs and TV deals etc fixtures may change at any time. The following fixtures will appear on your mug and were correct at the time of this listing. If you notice any of the fixtures are now out of date then please let me know and I will update them.

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