MITSUBISHI WHEEL DECALS -SHOGUN GALANT EVO CARISMA X6 ( one for the spare wheel and another for anywhere else on the car ! ) Each individual decal is approx. 105 x 15 mm Very easy to apply, all details supplied with decal. Available in different colours ! This decal is professional high grade vinyl and completely weather resistant,and will last for years ! Please note that the alloy and decal in the picture are for illustration purposes only,please note the actual size of the decals as listed above. General questions: Q: Are these decals easy to apply? A: YES! , just peel , stick and remove transfer paper. (full instructions on how to apply will be provided with your decal) Q: Are your decals for indoor or outdoor use? A: Both ! ALL our decals can be used inside or outside and are 100% weatherproof Q: Can I stick my decals anywhere? A: Most places !, basically providing the area is clean smooth and flat it will be fine places such as: painted walls, cars,bikes,fridges,freezers,laptops,metalwork,painted woodwork, glass,mobile phones.....the list is endless ! Q: What if I like the decal but wish for it in another size? A: Simple , just email us we can always custom cut ANY decal to ANY size ! Q: What if i want to have a decal on the inside of my back window on the car? A: Easy, just let us know with your payment that you wish to have your decal inside the glass and we will cut it accordingly. you will find the colour guide of vinyl that we use in the main picture if you would wish to have your decal in another colour then simply let us know once again when making payment on the "NOTE TO SELLER" This item is guaranteed not to fade, crack, peel or shrink over time. It is also temperature resistant to 300 degrees Fahrenheit,this sticker is easily removable at any time,and it is acid free,will not damage your paintwork or leave any trace if removed

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